Thinking of Becoming a Registered Dental Assistant? Here is What You Need to Do

When was the last time you went to your dentist? If you had an appointment recently, whether it was for a simple dental check-up or an oral surgery, the person who scheduled the appointment, explained the procedure, took your X-rays, prepared the instruments, and maintained your treatment records was the dental assistant. It is a popular career choice today, and it’s for a good reason – dental assistants get quick entry into the workforce, their job is stable, and the get a chance to help others.

Are you thinking about becoming a dental assistant? Here’s what you need to do to get there.

1. High School Diploma / GED

In some cases, to earn a dental assistant position, it’s enough to get a GED or high school diploma. However, to enroll in a good DA program, you need your diploma because it will provide essential background knowledge (biology, chemistry, health sciences) that can help you perform your dental assistant duties. Besides health sciences, business management classes, and communication and writing courses will be of great help. Make sure you cover all the basics.

2. Dental Assistant Certificate

Dental assistant certificate programs are about clinical practices and emphasize dental sciences. When searching for the best provider or DA certificate, you should consider a few things, such as the instructor/student ratio, dental office environment, up-to-date techniques, years of hands-on-experience, approval by state or local dental institutions, and of course, whether they provide new, state of the art equipment. Dental Specialties Institute Inc. is one of the most renowned providers of dental assistant education and training, with 18 years of experience in providing approved certifications for getting a Dental Assistant permit. Take a look at their Dental Assistant programs and the details about any particular one that you might be interested in enrolling in.

3. Get a License

The requirements for a Dental Assistant license vary from state to state. In California, becoming an RDA requires you to:

  • Have a minimum of 15 months of DA experience
  • Be a graduate of an educational program approved by the California Dental Board.
  • Complete a state written exam in laws and ethics.
  • Complete a Basic Life Support (BLS) course approved by the American Heart Association or American Red Cross.
  • Complete courses in infection control and the California Dental Practice Act.
  • Complete Board-approved courses in coronal polishing and radiation safety.

4. Advance in Your DA Career

If you’re thinking about how to advance in the dental field, know that it will require further education, regardless of how and where you want to excel. For example, you can become a dental office manager by completing an office management course. Boost your professional DA profile by pursuing additional certifications or joining a dental association.

These are the steps you need to undertake to become a Registered Dental Assistant in California. Certified organizations, such as Dental Specialties Institute, Inc., can provide high-quality education and training for becoming an RDA. They are recipients of the Jose Business Hall of Fame award, Best of San Jose Award, and are available for any prospective student or dental professional to enroll in some of their courses and improve their dental expertise. Find out more about the course to become a Registered Dental Assistant