6 Benefits of Oral Conscious Sedation

On the one hand, not receiving the primary dental care can be detrimental for one’s health because it’s needed to prevent and treat dental problems. On the other hand, many people have dental anxiety and are afraid of going to the dentist. Don’t get it wrong, these patients want to receive dental care but are unable. That is where oral conscious sedation is of great help because it provides a relaxing experience during every part of dental treatment.

Oral conscious sedation – a kind of sedation that includes medication that’s taken orally. The medication is taken at a specified time before the dental treatment. The sedated patient is then taken to the dentist by a friend, family, or spouse. The medication will have kicked in by the time the visit begins. This way, the patient won’t be anxious and will feel no pain. Let’s see what other benefits oral conscious sedation can provide.

  1. No Gas or Needles

Inhaling nitrous oxide, the use of intravenous drugs or injections are different popular types of dental sedation. Patients with the dental phobia may fear these forms of sedation, even though they’re useful in their way, so they find oral conscious sedation to be the best option.

  1. Makes Things Simple for Both Patients and Dentists

For the effects of the oral conscious sedation to take hold, patients need to follow the timing and dosage instructions given by their dentist. It is not difficult to administer, and it’s one of the most convenient and reliable ways of helping patients get the right dental care, free from phobia and pain.

  1. Fewer Appointments

With oral conscious sedation, patients can endure longer dental appointments without experiencing the discomfort or exhaustion of having their mouth open wide for long periods of time. That also allows dentists to work easier and finish complex treatments in a single visit or fewer appointments.

  1. Great for Patients Who Can’t Keep Still

In case patients have a medical condition that makes it difficult to remain in one position or keep still for an extended period (i.e., cerebral palsy,) with oral conscious sedation they can relax without any extreme discomfort.

  1. Money Saver

If your dentist can complete the entire treatment in fewer appointments, then your fees will be reduced. So, you can save money although there’s an added cost for the oral conscious sedation. Also, there’s the cost of your time you should consider.

  1. Better Treatment

When the patient is under sedation, dentists can provide dental care of better quality. They can concentrate on accuracy and precision when the patient is relaxed, without having to worry about patient gagging or moving. In those cases, dentists have to speed up because their patients are getting tired or slow down because they feel discomfort.

Anyone who is about to go for dental treatment can get a higher level of comfort thanks to sedation dentistry. Patients with dental phobia and those who have troubles keeping their mouth open for a more extended period will feel more comfortable with oral conscious sedation. Dental Specialties Institute, Inc. offers a course in Oral Conscious Sedation for DDS. Upon completion of the course and passing the examination (written and practical), you will understand the concept as well as the tasks and duties of the DDS/DMD regarding oral conscious sedation.