7 Traits All Dental Professionals Must Have

Dental Care Professionals (DCPs) are dental hygienists, dental nurses, dental and orthodontic therapists, dental and clinical dental technicians. In the modern dental office, DCPs serve a vital function because their job is to interact with patients, take digital images, X-rays, and impressions. If you’re thinking about pursuing a career as a Dental Professional, these are the traits that you must have.

1. People Skills

Some people don’t like going to the dentist. They are either nervous about it or have a dental phobia. It is essential for a dental professional to be calm and reassuring for those who come into dental practice. Great dental professionals know how to interact with patients and other DCPs.

2. Positive, Understanding and Patient

A dental professional must be able to communicate the dental care procedures without using too many technical terms or being an alarmist. They must know how to explain what they’re doing as well as the steps and reasons behind everything that’s being done inside a patient’s oral cavity. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to work with patients who are afraid or anxious. When a DCP is positive, understanding, patient, calm, and confident – they can pass that along to their patients.

3. Detail-Oriented

The mouth is a rather small cavity, so there’s little room to work. It is essential that a dental professional can pay attention to detail and work in this small space. Also, even a slight nudge to a sensitive tooth can be painful for a patient, so dexterity is an important trait as well. Thanks to the thorough and detail-oriented work of DCPs, patient safety is ensured.

4. Well Organized

Great dental care professionals are well organized because they have multiple responsibilities – radiation safety, infection control, technology, patient relations, and conforming to OSHA and HIPAA regulations. They prepare materials, escort patients to dental procedures, and might be called to help out with supplies and inventory and answer phones. Dental care professionals are an integral part of the team, and thanks to their organizational skills the team can run smoothly.

5. Physical Stamina

Even though it may not be so apparent at first sight, dental professionals need physical stamina. Dental professionals are using their hands and arms for repetitive motions and moving around the clinical environment. They’re on the go all day, whether standing or sitting.

6. Professionalism

Everything you do as a dental professional reflects on the dental profession (as a whole) and the practice you work at. You will do yourself and your patients a considerable service if you understand the importance of dressing appropriately, showing up on time, and ready to work with a positive attitude.

7. Passionate about Dental Care

As a DCP, you need to be excited about what you do to be the best role model for your patients. You will be educating them about good oral health practices and help them to focus on preventing dental problems.

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